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Hello! n______n

Your truly~My name is Katie, and this is my laid-back, healthy-lifestyle blog, a creation prompted by my ever-budding passion for cooking and exercising, and which you can also read about here in my very first post.

This is my husband, David:

This is the guy that eats all the food! A big sacrifice for us all, I know. ;D

My biggest goal here, as it says up top, is to share the things I love to make. I am by no means a master at the fine art of cuisine construction and creation, but I am very passionate about partaking in it. I love cooking and baking, and there is almost nothing I love more than sharing what I make with my family and friends. “Ragoûter” is a French verb said to be translated as something equivalent to “to stimulate the appetite.” I love stimulating the appetitie of my closest companions in life, seeing their eyes grow at the mere mention of a recipe that’s name alone sounds enticing. I aim to extend this feeling to my dear readers here. Therefore, I hold high hopes that this blog will do just that. And being (part) French in heritage (ok, Cajun, technically, but a minor detail), I thus believe the title to be fitting.

I am newly married and newly relocated to the wonderful city of Seattle, WA. I am also fairly newly graduated, having received my BA in English from the University of Texas last fall (Hook ‘EM)!

In all the ups and downs and confusion that unavoidably arrive post-graduation (you know, that newly deemed ‘quarter life crisis’), one thing has remained steadfast: my passion for cooking and baking. In fact, in recent months, that passion has only flourished, which is what prompted me to start this blog. I love cooking, anything and everything, really. But regardless of the cuisine, I believe in cooking meals as healthy as possible.

Many of the recipes I will feature come from “light” cooking books or magazines. I may tweak them slightly as well, but make no mistake: “light” does not mean boring. These recipes are so delectable and full of flavor. What they may lack in sodium or fats, they make up for in spices. And, generally, they all tend to be relatively easy to make! Always a plus 😉

In addition to cooking (and maybe even moreso than cooking), I LOVE BAKING. I love sweets! They are my biggest weakness! Baking was my gateway into cooking, actually. I spent so much time in the kitchen with my mom as a little girl, always helping her make cakes and brownies. It was my favorite past time with her, and those are memories I cherish deeply and hope to have with my own daughters someday, as my sister and I had with her.

My passions also extend beyond healthy cooking into the realm of exercise as well, which is another thing that may pop up in this blog. I am a quick learner and avid athlete. I grew up playing fastpitch softball very competitively, and in the last few years, have gotten into running, sand volleyball, kick boxing, rock climbing, and ultimate frisbee. I love being active, and thus it is another thing I also love to write about! There’s also my (not-so-secret) secret passion for Korean pop music, which may pop up occasionally, but I’ll try to limit myself… ;D

Though my passion for cooking is still fairly young, I’ve been encouraged by those around me whom I’ve been lucky enough to have as my test subjects (just kidding guys!). I’ve been baking since childhood, but only recently have I branched out into the super wide world of cooking, so I’m still definitely growing as a chef. It is my hope and wish that you genuinely just enjoy my blog, my writing, the recipes featured here, etc., and if I inspire you, then fantastic! But if I can do something so small as to just stimulate your appetite, well, then, I’ll consider it a success! 🙂

If you feel so inclined, because leave comments, or subscribe to my posts! Thank you, and I hope to send you around for a while!

– Katie ❤


2 Responses to “About Moi”

  1. Sue September 25, 2011 at 12:43 PM #

    Hi, Katie,

    I have one daughter living in San Antonio and another living in Seattle. Good luck with your transition, and thanks for the Chick-fil-A recipe.

    • xxcellardoor October 2, 2011 at 1:33 PM #

      Oh that’s cool! Thank you so much! It is definitely quite different here. You are very welcome, though! I hope you enjoy it!


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