Belated New Year Health Post!

18 Jan

Hello everyone!

Wow, I can’t believe I went ALL of December without updating! Apologies to everyone 😦 The holidays ended up being a pretty crazy time around here (even with just a small family of the two of us)! Husband and I started doing p90x shortly after Thanksgiving, which actually takes a large chunk of time out of our day 6 days a week. Some days I find it incredibly difficult to get motivated to do the workouts, often due to that fact alone; if they were, say, 3o minutes long, it’d be much easier to scrounge up the motivation that I lack. They are good workouts, though. For anyone considering trying it, the thing I love most about it is that it’s completely up to YOU how good of a workout you receive from it. Because of this, the question of, “oh, is it an intense exercise?” (which I seem to get fairly often) is a tough one to answer – yes, it’s incredibly intense and leaves you very sore and exhausted, so long as you push yourself that hard. I will NEVER forget that first week – we did everything so hard, because it was our first time working everything out. By the end of that first week, I couldn’t move; we walked all over downtown Seattle on our rest day, the day following the intense leg routine, and by the end of our time out, I was HOBBLING and on the verge of tears. It was terrible. But the great thing about the human body is that it repairs! Week 2 saw less intensity than week 1, due to our muscles having been ripped into disarray, but week 3 saw a great improvement, and our bodies were significantly less sore post-workout. We’re currently on our rest week (week 4), which comes just in time before you start feeling burnt out. I’ve been tracking my progress here at Dailymile, if anyone would like to join me on there!

We actually accidentally ended up taking an entire week off, because we went home to the greatest state of TEXAS! We just got back yesterday, and we had a blast. I was actually far more homesick than I knew I was, and returning to Seattle was a bit difficult for me, to say the least. BUT it SNOWED here today!!! So that was super exciting, and cheered me up 😉 I had actually packed my yoga mat because we intended to do the rest week workouts in Texas, but it ended up not happening (you know, “too tired,” or “ate too much,” and any other excuse we could think of). I ate A TON of food while we were home, mostly from the fast food establishments that I miss (i.e., Chick-fil-A and Whataburger), and I do not regret a second of it. We also went out to eat with two friends of ours at BRC Gastropub. It was PHENOMENAL. The food was almost indescribably good. My husband and I shared the “Big Ass Breakfast,” (so big, in fact, we could barely finish it, and we SHARED it!) and one of our friends ordered fried chicken sandwiched between biscuits? It was pretty crazy. I highly suggest everyone who lives in the greater Houston area go try it. It is worth the drive.

The highlight of the trip, though, was cooking Chicken and Dumplings with my mom (which will, of course, have it’s own post soon)! We haven’t been in the kitchen together since I was a kid, I’m pretty sure. It was so nice to cook with her! We got to spend some quality alone time together, and chat without any distractions; so refreshing! We also went down to visit my aunt and cousins, and she cooked a delicious meal for us as well! Not being with them for the holidays this year was kind of difficult, so I’m glad we all made time to get together when we WERE able to make it home!

The other reason for my absence is that, for a while, I wasn’t really cooking anything, and if I did, it was stuff I’d already posted. We got a bunch of Omoha Steak meat from husband’s mom for his birthday, so for many weeks I cooked simple, pre-made burgers. We’ve also been trying to work on our food budget and plan and buy stuff on sale, so it’s been tricky for me to pick recipes with doing things that way. I’ve still got to figure it out, since I’m used to picking a recipes and THEN buying stuff to make it. It’s less fun this way but I must make due for now! I *DO* have a bunch of backlogged recipes needing to be posted, though! So I will be working hard on getting those done in the coming weeks. Get excited! 🙂

Part of my New Years Resolution was to stay on top of this blog. Most people make resolutions to eat better and get more fit, so I figured a first post on health and wellness was fitting! And hopefully, I can inspire you all to adhere to any health goals you’ve set as well. I am so sorry I went so long without posting anything; here’s to that not happening again!

With much love and hope for all in this exciting new year,




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