Hello world!

26 Aug

As this is my first post, it will be an all text post! Yeah!

I suppose I’ll begin with the general introduction, which you may also find on my ‘Get Personal’ page, and it may also be good to explain the name I’ve concocted for this place. Robson is my new, married last name (as of August 13th!), so that’s easy. The second word, “Ragoûter,” is a French verb said to be translated as something equivalent to “to stimulate the appetite.” I have high hopes that this blog will do just that, and being (part) French in heritage (ok, Cajun, technically, but a minor detail), I believe it to be fitting.

The big cooking and baking extravaganza I embarked on the other day sparked me to begin this blog. I baked 2 entire bags of Oreo Double Stuff cookies into soft and gooey chocolate chip cookie casings, after which I began marinating a sweet set of Bulgogi in the fridge before beginning on Beef Stroganoff for dinner. I was so busy all day long, but so throughouly enjoyed it, that the time has finally come to do what I’ve always wanted: make a public blog to share my cooking experiences with. Do these recipes entice you yet? Don’t worry, I will share them all in far more detail (including pictures!), when I make them again sometime soon (I mean, my friends demand those cookies all the time, and the Bulgogi was so delicious my husband wants it again as soon as humanly possible).

I’ve discussed my cooking in my private journal, and it is something I adore writing about (#trueenglishmajor). I love sharing my experiences, the ordeals that occur when making each dish (because they NEVER turn out perfectly – I am forgetful and always leave something out or read something wrong XD hehe). And, plus, what better time than right now?

As I briefly mentioned above, I did just get married the other weekend (to the best, most loving man on Earth!), and, while I have been contemplating starting this blog for months, I was too preoccupied by all the wedding planning I was doing (it was very D-I-Y and I was coordinating things from afar, since it was in our home state of Texas) to dedicate myself to it. We moved to downtown Seattle a few months ago, an event that only fueled the itch I had for starting a cooking blog, as tons of fresh ingredients (Pike Place Market!) and eateries barrage me daily! As I’ve yet to find a job (re: I’m trying to switch careers), I am currently the housewife, minus the children, and therefore have ample freetime for my two favorite activities: cooking, and exercising.

Cooking, Baking, and Exercising are the three major things this blog will focus on. I’m not here solely for the purpose of being informational, but rather, to discuss what I make, what I like, and what I do; I will discuss the cooking processes, places I eat at, tell you about my weekly Ultimate Frisbee games, and probably even throw in a few internet memes or comics (because that’s how I role), or even thoughts on technology (side of effect of marrying a software engineer). I know the third is random, but I sincerely hope you enjoy it nonetheless ;D I am still growing as a cook, and I hope you all can find it in your hearts to want to grow with me!

Here’s to a great new beginning!

– Katie ❤



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